No need for proclamations that seek to subsume or erase unique identity

first_imgDear Editor,Will Mr John Mair disclose whether British ethnic groups – White British being the largest (and includes the Scots, Irish and Welsh who like to identify themselves as such), Asian British (4 per cent), Black British (nearly 5 per cent), Gypsies, etc – would also identify themselves only as British when “pushed” to satisfy some idea of homogeneity which does not exist but where cultural and racial diversity is celebrated with pride? (“Fascinating Oral History”, SN Letters, Oct 17, 2019).In every part of this planet, tribes, ethnicities, cultures, races, religions etc coexist, often in peace in civilised societies, and do not need or invite proclamations that seek to subsume or erase their particular unique identity.Guyana is proudly diverse and I identify as an Indian Guyanese, an identity that honours my citizenship as well as my history, heritage and my ethnic being as guaranteed by our Constitution and the UN Human Rights Charter.Sincerely,Ryhaan Shahlast_img