Mixture of Rawness

first_imgSTUNNA and A-Raw may not be your best known artist at present, but as winners of the Liberia Music Contest (organized by Africa’s leading online music distributor Africori and renowned publicist Junda Morris-Kennedy), they are mixture of rawness with a good future in music.Their first ever single WCW (Women Crush Wednesday), which won the contest, is polished with a catchy colloquia that relates to the tastes of fans (and a whole lot more), and their newly founded careers is off to a promising start.The first person we talked to was STUNNA, whose real name is Lourell Andymark George. The brain behind the song, he expressed the certainty that winning the competition will put their musical career on a good path and business level.“Currently, the song is going through mixing to give us that quality sound; and when it is released, it is going to be distributed by Africori. So the business part is that we will get royalties from our work,” STUNNA told LIB Life. “We believe that music is about business, so we don’t just want to make music without profit,” he explained, highlighting a major problem local artists have faced.Asked why the song was named WCW, STUNNA said it is popular Facebook talk that he and A-Raw wanted to translate into music so that their target fans (the younger generation), could be able to easily relate when the song is released.“As an individual, music is something I love doing. I also love to add my feelings to it whenever I’m practicing. The song was inspired by my experience with a girl that I once had a crush on before,” STUNNA explained.We then caught up with to Aloysius Geddeh, commonly known as A-Raw, who did the only rap in the song. Geddeh said when STUNNA first approach him as a collaborator for the competition; it never crossed his mind that the single could be about crush on a girl.“When the name was given, I became nervous at first; but after I looked into it for a while, I agreed to it. You see, WCW is like seeing a girl that you like; and the opportunity is available for you to talk with her, but you decide to only take a photo and post it on social media with the words “You are my crush”, A-Raw explained.He told LIB Life that there is no rush to release the song because their winner package is currently been work out, to include more than 5,000 e-mail subscribers and other prizes.STUNNA is a sophomore student at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) majoring in Economics, while A-Raw is studying Information Technology (IT) at BlueCrest University.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img