Daily topic Storm technology into the nternet TV market ushered in War Within Three Kingdoms

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) July 7th news, suspension of a month of storm technology also has a new action, the storm aimed at Internet tv. Storm yesterday to join the Haier group’s company Shun day, Austrian flying animation, Sannuo digital video conference, announced the establishment of a joint venture to jointly create a storm TV.

was not outstanding in the video site in the storm this year can be described as smooth. First, since March 24th this year, the gem listing, finished 30 in the first 31 days of the epoch-making limit, the share price from the issue price of 7.14 yuan broke through the 300 yuan mark. Since June 11th suspension so far, and easily escaped the stumble endlessly shock period.

announced that the storm technology will provide content on the Internet, TV business software system development and operation, Internet marketing support; Haier will play in the TV field of supply chain management, logistics, sales channels and other advantages. The two sides will jointly invest their own resources, the introduction of strategic partners and other help to carry out Internet TV services.

according to the joint venture agreement, goodaymart will provide logistics, customer service, storm TV channels and other resources, in addition, 30000 store experience store marketing network and cloud Shun 17000 community service center will also provide support for the TV. After the transaction, the storm and storm Technology Holdings will together hold 50% equity Powerise commander, the storm will become the largest shareholder of the joint venture company. In addition, the day Shun holding 21%, Austrian flying animation holdings of 10%, the rest of the management team.

is different from the music and millet "singles", storm technology chose to join hands with other companies, "third roads to walk out of the Internet TV industry". Storm TV Liu Yaoping CEO said that the ideal Internet TV companies have the conditions should be 2+3 model". The so-called "2" refers to the vast number of Internet users and Internet brands, "3" includes the following points: first, the supply chain, logistics and services is the two, the three is the experience of the store.

for TV, storm CEO Feng Xin is very firm, "television must do". But he also stressed that it is very difficult to do well". In the opinion of Feng Xin and Liu Yaoping, the Internet enterprise must have the "3+2" model, which has a mass of Internet users and Internet based brand, at the same time, the integration of the supply chain, logistics and service as well as the next line store experience, and this is also the reason for the establishment of the joint venture company to storm the.

IT critic Hong Bo once said, the most important thing is to get involved in the Internet TV copyright accumulation, compared LETV, storm technology in this area is its weakness, treat copyrighted content to take a non exclusive strategy, this also leads to problems of copyright litigation storm technology.

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