Xerox will 15% Commission survey network way encounter a crisis of confidence

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originated from social workers to "15% Commission" of the accused, a Chinese network way mode of Oxfam is facing a crisis of confidence.

recently, the media questioned his Portsmouth, Xerox will implement the "paid social" mode, "15% of the Commission for social workers in violation of the" fund management regulations ". In this regard, Xerox will deny the rectangular road, called the ("15% Commission") is not a rebate, but the cost of management.

of Oxfam Department – Jinhua charity online response questioned said, "from this year will Xerox financial audit, irregularities did not exist". At the same time, Jinhua City Charity requirements will reduce the social costs of xerox.

all the controversy, Xerox will "paid social

" model will decide on what path to follow?

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will officially spread by the media "15% Commission" before the battle of the tongue has been open for a month in the network.

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media Park holds questioned the financial problems of Oxfam and Xerox will this year began to explore the "paid workers" mode, which holds a question: Park "paid worker can get 15% commission by Public opinion is seething with indignation.

"we are not in the official website, micro-blog or any channels mentioned in the Xerox social can get 15% Commission statement, this formulation is for users’ paid social workers’ Xerox model summary." Xerox will rectangular road to the "daily economic news" reporter said. The main site of Oxfam paid worker recruitment section, the Commission said the statement is "we will launch netizens to 15% of the amount of funds for your theme donations, make your work sustainable".

April 2012, Xerox will launch a "social compensation" mode. "Social worker" is a professional occupation of the words, "when they have raised doubts, but in order to distinguish the unpaid volunteers, so apply the concept of" social workers’ compensation service." Fang explained.

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way, compared with the volunteer mode, known as the "social workers" who need advanced recipients need money, for example, the elderly need a donation of 850 yuan, a social worker in the investigation on the spot, the money to the elderly, but also requires at least 6 the above personnel certificates, photographs, press fingerprints, social workers come back, release information to the recipients of Oxfam platform, and the publicity expenses and pay back.

This means that

raised in the online capital includes three aspects: one is the money, two is the way such as fare, meals and other expenses, three worker pay. For example, social workers spend 100 yuan in the investigation process, the need to pay 50 yuan, plus 850 yuan donations, online fundraising amount is 1000 yuan.