The website when the website encounters rogue Book unspoken rule


    if you use the Internet, and that a Alexa ranking of the stuff, then you probably have heard not long ago, the other side of the Alexa ranking (known as the world’s most authoritative website ranking one of the institutions) after do some optimization algorithm, a large number of domestic websites ranked decline, the original top 1000 the 1/3 had to be fully emptied or substantially lower ranking! "Collective cheating" on these sites, nature is a very difficult to accept the charges, so many sites to find Alexa stubble, some blame it kill the wrong man, some call it algorithm garbage, some say the statistical tool Alexa in Chinese installation rate is very low, and are often manslaughter antivirus tools so, it is difficult to reflect the real situation of domestic websites…… We do not intend to participate in this war slobber splinters, because we found in unannounced visits to insiders, even if not for the pursuit of domestic websites Alexa ranking and brains, there are still many website operators have to, must, "rogue" unspoken rule.

      an unspoken rule   flow alliance in the transmission of the disease

      the flow as a benevolent and personal Webmaster Station webmaster eyes, can exchange each other through flow alliance website links, mutual help and common prosperity. Open like webmaster nets, I want it, I want to flow, so webmaster site, will generally see the purpose of "buy traffic" advertising, you lead to flow union website. As long as the member in the flow of alliance, a coalition of each visit members of the site, you can obtain the corresponding points, and their website each other members visited once, to a certain number of points will be deducted. On the face of it, this is quite humane, but, if the webmaster do not have so much time to visit it? Or, if you can not meet the needs of visitors?

      buy with money! Is that cheating? "Strictly speaking, does not work in just ways, but in fact, this is already evident to anyone the secret circle. A lot of big sites will also be contracted with the flow of the union, the league’s website advertising, the flow of the union to the shelves of their ads up, in fact, is to buy a disguised flow." A member of the union smiled and replied.


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