Stationmaster is the victim of black industry chain

I have been very concerned about Baidu billboard, today is no exception on hot words, did not expect many rising high degree of hot words websites are placed a Trojan horse, which is called hacker skill, or website security vulnerability

?The purpose of the

hacker website is nothing more than the following:

1, steal the site’s traffic, sold to customers who need traffic;

in this Web2.0 era, in addition to the reference value of PR, Alexa Rankings, Sogou SR value, there is a very important criterion is the flow. Especially the customer, general website advertising is very concerned about the flow, and when they talk about the problem of the cooperative advertising, they will often ask what is your website traffic? Although insiders know that this is the advertisers with no reality whatever, but it is more than person to care about this problem, because they generally that is the website traffic represents the popularity of the website, so now a lot of illegal molecular staring at the web site, get administrator privileges, then there is a need to sell traffic website.

2, the call has been prepared for the Trojans to steal the visitors’ online account number and password;

is now a professional hacker website can be seen on acquisition of a hand game envelope advertising, it is because of these acquisitions gave hacker friend greatest power, acquirers, hackers, and website visitors, so a black chain is formed, the webmaster and site visitors is still the victim.

3, steal website database, will contact the way out and sell at high prices;

in the website promotion category, email marketing and mobile phone marketing also occupies 30% of the proportion of 10 thousand, now a valid email letter area price is 300, a medium-sized area website member has at least 50 thousand members, and the mobile phone number is not included, can be sold separately or packaged for sale to. This is for hackers, but also has a great temptation.

4, trade secrets;

‘s rivals have been the focus of attention, but the website was hacked a little surprise, therefore it is very necessary to nip in the bud, is the so-called "people can not have the heart, the heart of man is not, of course, the competitors website administrator privileges are expensive, after all this way than to steal online account password more serious.

5, consider themselves superior to others always love technology, challenge.

This is purely a hacker

fed nothing to do, are generally more introverted personality, not good with people, and experienced in life is not very well, so the "loner" this name is very suitable for them.

how to prevent it?

1, if it is used by others to develop web site program, you need to go to the developer’s website to see if there is no patch update;