Craigslist why such ugly website can still survive

With the rapid development of

Internet, but did not make Craigslist better

in the process of Facebook continuous revision, threatened not to use Facebook has become a kind of hackneyed and stereotyped expressions but most users still continue to use, this website service. Some other sites in the product and service adjustment process has angered users, and suffered a similar situation. However, even if the user has a better choice, for example, can be used to replace Facebook Path, or to replace Twitter, we still do not see the user to abandon the current service. The massive loss of users only appeared two times, once the user is from MySpace to Facebook, the other one is from Digg to Reddit, which is two times the service itself usability problems, and not just because of the change of user attitude.

classification information website Craigslist vulnerability: web interface is ugly; obviously any classified information you release will lead to spam mail; many rental information is false; website has been widely used in exchange for sex; the most important, people are tired of trading in Craigslist.

however, we continue to use Craigslist.

is my own experience. In Craigslist, I found 13 roommates in 5 apartments, had a studio sublet, bought a double bed and two large mattress, buy and sell a bedstead, and a yellow Honda motorcycle.

on the Hack News website, it has been said that once people understand a platform, they will establish a strong memory, and has been on the platform, as long as the platform to maintain internal rules.

but the problem still exists: whether we are just like 1999, to meet all the tremendous effort to search for classified information? In fact, the answer lies not only in the product design, but also in all network are limited.

network problem

many start-up companies have been faced with the first chicken or egg problem. For Facebook, the service is really useful until people find 10 friends. The challenge is that you need to make your friends use Facebook, then the user will naturally come, and vice versa. It’s not easy. Most social networks have failed to help users build enough social relationships.

entrepreneur Andrew · Chen (Andrew Chen) pointed out that if there is no user, then even the product display is very difficult. This is why Instagram initially allows users to find social relationships through other social networks, so as to solve social