Dangdang executives eat gift card rebate up to 15 million yuan

Author: Wang Xiaofei

Legal Evening News dangdang.com sales director with subordinates, false customer information, buy dangdang.com 10 percent off gift card after the sale price kickbacks. Six months time, the 3 companies occupy more than 1500 yuan.

this morning, reporters learned that the Chaoyang Court to embezzlement and sentenced to dangdang.com sales director Chen was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment and sentenced dangdang.com sales manager named Ma and Zhang was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment, and ordered restitution of more than 1500 to three people dangdang.com. Reporters learned from Chen’s defense lawyers, 3 per capita did not appeal, the decision has taken effect.

case: the United States employees Dangdang Dangdang

2005, the candidates came to Gome Corporation from China Youth University for Political Science graduate Chen, this is the first job of 24 year old Chen, he certainly hard work, from the general staff to leadership positions is 5 years.

2010, Chen was Dangdang phase, he resigned to Dangdang when the director of the Department of buying.

, they open the salary plus bonus is 20 thousand yuan a month, can get $250 thousand a year." Chen explained later, group purchase into a corporate sales department, so he was in any corporate sales department sales director, "our duty is to be responsible for the sales department dangdang.com issued gift cards, and all the goods dangdang.com".

Chen from this post has been dry to the incident.

buy over 50 thousand yuan gift card has unequal rebate

gift card amount exists, you can buy goods on the Internet, Chen confession, gift cards, including 2 kinds, one is a physical card, one is an electronic card".

physical card denominations ranging from 50 yuan to 2000 yuan, the highest amount of electronic cards will be set to a few million. Gift card sales in two ways, the customer to buy a gift card of less than $50 thousand, you can buy directly in the Dangdang page, there is no discount. If customers need to buy more than 50 thousand yuan gift cards, direct contact with the sales department, signed a contract, the company will give a certain discount. "I have a maximum of 2% off, and my superiors have only a maximum of 5% off."

Chen explained that in July 2011, sales of dangdang.com gift card based vendors Shanghai Information Engineering Co., Ltd. has been signed gift card sales contract and the contract dangdang.com, Shanghai has been the company’s sales reached 60 million yuan, some companies can enjoy a discount of 8% off.

if the company’s sales reached 80 million yuan, you can get a discount of 10 percent off, Dangdang will return to the company’s $8 million rebate.

false sales to help a company get a discount of ten percent off

around August 2011, Shanghai has the company CEOs to find me, let me help them complete 80 million of the company’s sales volume, to get a discount of 10 percent off." Chen said he would put other industries >