$590 billion accounts receivable terrible nternet plus where’s the antidote

"prosperity has long been out of its power, but in order to avoid a depression, its life cycle has been artificially extended. "I hope George Soros’s remark do not become a prophecy.

recently, the domestic macroeconomic data show that GDP is stabilized, is regarded as the barometer of economic activity (PMI Purchase Management Index, PMI) finally returned to the "50%" above the line ups and downs, and accelerate the growth of…… Economic recovery, continued prosperity does not seem to hinder.

however, another set of data is to cast a shadow, Bloomberg pointed out that over the past two years, Chinese listed companies total accounts receivable increased by 23%, reaching $590 billion, a typical China enterprise to recover the sales amount (period) takes about 83 days, 2 times the length of Jin Xinxing market companies the.

auxiliary certificate is derived from the quality of listed companies. As of the end of the month, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two, more than 700 listed companies released the 2015 performance report, more than 600 companies accounts receivable totaling more than 560 billion yuan. It is more terrible, more than 3 years’ high ‘aging accounts receivable accounting for more than 30%.


commercial giants are still so, not to mention all kinds of small and medium enterprises, they face the problem of accounts receivable will be more serious. So, as the economic cell, enterprise capital turnover low efficiency, poor financial chain, employee income, investment, production and sales ability, market survival more difficult, all kinds of default, increasing collapse…… Merger and reorganization, the overall economy suffered a heavy blow, the future bleak.

certainly, to avoid the "Great Depression" of the disease, "they do" old medical (monetary and fiscal policies’ family bucket can not solve the structural problems of the "ills), policymakers and market parties must pay close attention to find a new" antidote ", activated deposition accounts receivable, shorten the credit period. To resolve the crisis.

‘s sick? Drugs?

business, shopping malls "battlefield", "money" arms, turnover "blasting". More "ammunition" and "blasting" in order to enhance the efficiency of commercial operations to the highest. China’s more than 7 thousand SME owners have a deeper understanding of this, Henan’s Zheng Liancheng is so.

5 years ago, Zheng Liancheng began to provide a small part of the H brand electrical appliances, hundreds of employees, rental plants, equipment is not large, the annual shipment of about $4 million, a small business. However, period of brand nearly 90 days of payment procrastination, so he really "chicken", after all his control of liquidity but one million yuan, annual capital turnover is only 4 times.

that is to say, if a shipment of 1 million yuan Zheng Liancheng, its gross profit was $150 thousand, an annual profit of only $600 thousand. Even if the 1 years of cash flow can be raised more than 2 times, it also means that the profit growth of $300 thousand, which is the accumulation of capital, >