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recently, the share network and Yao point 100 due to funding strand breaks were caught in the plight of layoffs and disruption operations. The Chinese companies have been frozen in the U.S. investment community, a number of U.S. investment banks and even claimed that 10 years do not touch the Chinese company, the industry is expected, the electricity supplier website will fall this year. But on the other hand, there are many well-known traditional enterprises are actively planning and recruitment, accelerate the layout of e-commerce. Is expected in 2013 will be through the Commission and self access channels into the way, pure electricity supplier seems to have become the winter of the traditional business of the spring.

text / reporter Xue Song

the current domestic electricity supplier website "austerity" and last year’s "splurge" in stark contrast. The day before yesterday, the domestic fashion department store B2C website "point 100 announcement said, for office and room upgrade relocation, suspend site operations, and no longer accept orders for July 28th. But the announcement did not give an approximate time to resume operations. Yao point 100 since October last year, has been rumored layoffs, after more than this year in March, came face bankruptcy. Some analysts pointed out that the Yao point 100 to suspend operations due to funding or burn, to bear the pressure forced to move to suspend operations and rent.

another electricity supplier website to share network recently announced that from May Department with the Intel B round of financing, but many employees share network before the news release on the Internet he suddenly was to resign, but the Internet is also rumored layoffs this share network reach half. Share network CEO Yang Peifeng announced that the cuts in order to optimize the management, and capital chain without any problems. As for the resignation of employees, the net share of the industry said that the provisions of the labor law in excess of wages (based on the provisions of the labor law, and then increase the wages of a month) and in the recruitment website for the resignation of employees to do post recommendation.

China company failing more

related investment bank losses

after burn too fast, and the subsequent investment because of the capital market turns cold and not in place at the end of last year, Netease Luxuries, Huha network, Sheng Dapin poly network have been closed, since this year, the electricity supplier website have more compression cost of survival. In the first half of this year, China is only vip.com 1 Chinese companies listed in the United states.

The United States

Firstrade securities company chairman and CEO Liu Jinhang believes that the current United States, investors lack confidence in the China company, especially by short seller companies in several rounds of blocking, Chinese basically No one shows any interest in the company. The United States Watson · partner Byrd Lee law firm Betty said, after a number of incidents associated with the American investment bank, accounting institutions also suffered heavy losses, the company was China American investment community rapid freezing, some investment banks even claimed that "10 years not to touch the China company".

traditional enterprises are expected to occupy

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