Zhu Guang, vice president of Baidu following the Baidu one hundred and then push Baidu media

yesterday (November 19th) is the world Internet Conference held on the first day. Said Baidu vice president Zhu Guang made a keynote speech on the day of the "Internet" forum on the future of new media, Baidu will be released in December this year, a new platform to promote the integration of traditional and new media: "Baidu media (Baidu Media), which is considered as the" Baidu 100 ", Baidu to further promote major the new media ecological construction measures.

Zhu Guang pointed out that the mobile Internet era, Internet users grow significantly better than the PC Internet era, but the traditional media long reading is generally declining in the establishment of ecological health will grasp the new opportunities for traditional media is an important part of the. Baidu media is Baidu with technical expertise and resources to create a new platform, will help traditional media embrace the mobile Internet era, the traditional media and the Internet to achieve a win-win situation.

from the pattern and form, Baidu media can be simply understood as the traditional media, Baidu hundred". "Baidu 100" is from the media platform of Baidu launched on December 2013, through the introduction of Baidu union advertising model, settled on the platform to publish the article writer, according to the flow of revenue sharing, and relying on Baidu news traffic resources, promotion, channels and content to get traffic. This mode of technology makes the author from the media to get a good income, the monthly income of the higher income can reach more than 30 thousand yuan, is considered to be the use of the Internet model is established for the first time since the media ecosystem integrity, laid the foundation for the bold innovation Baidu once again launched a media ecological construction.

is about to release the Baidu media is committed to solve the problem of traditional media and new media convergence in the traditional media transformation. Electronic version of the print media or website content on Baidu media platform, Baidu will not only bring traffic through the platform for the media, but also the introduction of Baidu alliance advertising model, through technology to bring the liquidation income for the traditional media. At present, the "Southern Metropolis Daily", "West China Metropolis Daily" and so on have reached a cooperation intention with Baidu, will be the first to enter the media Baidu media.

Zhu Guang also pointed out that technology will be an important factor in promoting the transformation of media formats. Currently, Baidu is investing heavily in big data and artificial intelligence technology, Baidu brain already has ten billion neurons, through learning and modeling, to provide full dimensions of personalized recommendation for each user, truly realize the "thousand faces of personalized news", promote the traditional media and new media to accelerate the integration of.