10000 sites have been hacked by Trojan server security can not be underestimated

Chutian Webmaster Station (CHUTIANZ.COM) in November 29th the latest news: hacker recently frequent moves, rampant. No part of the site has escaped this disaster. Many webmasters have already launched a tug of struggle and hackers. Chutian Webmaster Station has not survived. The black horse was also Knight website stationmaster station website, are one of them. Look at those Trojan files run out of information as well as Baidu snapshot information analysis. This behavior is a network game company a viral marketing campaign. Which referred to the "deer" and "Three Musketeers" and other words. The following figure:



website is linked to the horse, not only the web page in 360 antivirus software will allow users to report drug, through the search engine into bad page. Because hackers or get your server permissions. You will be in the root directory of your site to establish ASP and PHP files. When the search engine snapshot to your page, it will produce a large number of articles included. Included with your site is not related to spam.


when one day, found their web site included huge increase, the contents of the site is not related to the time, it should be caused by the police. First of all, to find out the Trojan file to delete, delete and other operations. Furthermore, to strengthen the server security configuration, filtering ASP Trojan, PHP Trojan and other bad file operation. Because of the large number of Baidu snapshot to the website or will bring down the right, Baidu snapshot page at this time, we must first time the Trojan file generated by the report to Baidu, let the bad disappear from Baidu included in the collection as soon as possible. (text / Mao Hongliang)