Group purchase industry into a new round of competition in transition segments deep industry to sell

after the "thousand group war" and the collapse of the peak, in 2012, the surviving group purchase website or to the physical B2C, or deep plowing industry segments, or to explore new development model, group purchase industry into a new round of competition transformation.

from selling services to sell physical

Economic Herald reporter found 18 login Groupon, Groupon began selling dates, kitchen utensils, mini household appliances and other products, the past and the ground businesses cooperation service group purchase of goods has almost all the shelves. You open the live group ", only several group purchase, gelatin, Hair Coloring agent physical group purchase in the front row.


Herald reporter learned that, in the IPO prospectus submitted before the physical handle network group purchase accounted for this has increased from the original 30% to 70% of the total turnover.

Wo Wo Group chose to upgrade the service life of electronic commerce, in October last year launched the "55 life Service Mall", "group purchase form + life mall" architecture.

physical class buy, as the name suggests, is to buy things directly through the group. "Local business class profit margins of less than 10%, due to excessive competition last year, some strength is not strong in the fight for the group purchase website brands, can not be as large as the advantage of group purchase website discount, but if the physical commodities group purchase more, can greatly reduce the cost control, personnel expenses, mainly because financial and the pressure of survival choice." Group 800 co-founder Hu Chen said.

deep plowing industry segments

According to the

group purchase navigation site 800 statistics, the domestic group purchase website, from the service class of the original local businesses of the group purchase into real class express class group purchase ratio from 22% last year rose to the current nearly 50%.

"due to the kind of electronic commerce to have their own warehousing, logistics, group buying site transformation that is the first to face the high cost of these areas, and to ensure the quality of service." Hu Chen said.

, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Graduate School of management, Internet experts Lv Benfu is also not optimistic about the kind of physical class B2C buy site. Physical class buy just stimulate short-term sales, and the development of the group is a departure from the idea of." Lv Benfu believes that small and medium-sized buy site can use vertical classification method, select a very small category, put all resources to do special, do fine, so as to obtain a living space.

for the forefront of the industry in the group buying network, Lv Benfu believes that the need to innovate in order to maintain the industry’s leading edge. It is understood that the handle network lock the huge market potential of the mobile market, in the An-droid, iPhone, iPad, Android four platform to buy the client site. In this regard, Lv Benfu believes that consumers in the platform on the platform with the mobile phone to better integrate the functions of the mobile terminal, the service to buy a better combination of local consumer services, will continue to buy >