Scott Metzger, June 12

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest We finished planting corn May 17 and beans on May 20. We had 40 acres of April corn to spot in. All of the April beans got replanted. We dropped everything from 125,000 on up to full rate on most of the fields. We had one soybean field we had to plant a third time. We haven’t been as bad as some areas but the beans really took a hit the week we planted in April. That is the most beans we ever replanted, I think it was 400 or 450 acres of beans.We are starting to get pretty dry. Our last rain was May 20 and we got about 1.5 inches. Our good ground looks pretty good and the stands are there for the corn crop. The April corn is knee high and the May planted corn is maybe V3 and V4.May corn has a very good uniform stand.  April corn has some unevenness, but it is caught up now. Everything is sidedressed. We are spraying post- in the corn.There will be some wheat run today in Pickaway County and we’ll probably start on Wednesday or Thursday. Most of our wheat is mid- to late-season varieties.  This is probably a week early for us. We’ll get the combine going and we’ll double crop beans right behind it. If this wheat ripens up and we get a bunch of rain we could have some quality issues.We looked at it last week with our crop insurance adjuster and we have some freeze damage, maybe 10% or 20%. The bottom ground is a lot worse but it is not as bad on the up-ground. I am worried about quality problems in that freeze damage.We had some slugs in those April beans but other than that, insect pressure has been minimal compared to what I thought it would be after the weird winter and the spring rain. There were a lot of bean leaf beetles early on. They were really hammering on the beans without insecticide.We could use a rain. They turned on the pivots in this area last night.last_img