Express your opinion – Comment on the article page mixed with the URL should be deleted

      if you pay attention to us, you may have found that the comments of the article with a large number of Web site comments, we have decided to delete such comments.

      we only have one way to deal with the simple web site comments: delete!

      however, some webmasters will usually be added to their own web site in the comments, we should comment on this in the end should be hard to remove, or retain it?

      we understand that a lot of people would like to express the flow through the comments of the web site, but I want to let you know that this is not any effect, there are two reasons:

      first. Comments no hyperlink form, web site can not click open, can not give you any benefits of the search.

      second. Webmaster nets visitors are webmaster, for web site link is very cold!

      change a train of thought, perhaps these webmaster leave a website, only to leave their footprints.

      we have no good approach, please help out of ideas, or what can give us some good ideas.

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