Bangladeshis ‘living illegally’ in U.P. to be identified for deportation

first_imgWeeks after Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath suggested a National Register For Citizens-type drive in the State, the police have been asked to identify Bangladeshis and other foreign nationals “living illegally” in the State so that they can be deported.The move was important from the point of “internal security” in the State, DGP O.P. Singh said in a circular issued to all district police chiefs. Its directions should be taken with “all seriousness,” he said. “Such verification drives have been done in a periodic manner in the past as well and the process will continue in future too,” he noted.The circular, dated September 30, begins by stating that over the years it was found that Bangladeshis were living illegally in some districts and some of them had even gone “underground.”The police have been asked to identify locations such as city outskirts, railway stations, bus stations and “new busties” where “such Bangladeshis and other foreign nationals take shelter” and carry out their verification under videography.Mr. Singh. however, on Tuesday clarified the drive “has nothing to do with” the NRC. Bangladeshis and foreigners who have been living in the State illegally would be identified and their documents verified, he told an agency. Those whose documents were found to be false would be deported.‘Fake documents’The police have also been directed to cancel on a “priority” basis the “fake documents” allegedly procured by Bangladeshis and other foreigners to avail citizenship of India and documents such as ration card, voter card, driving licence, arms licence, passport, and Aadhaar card.Action would be taken against the intermediaries and government officials who helped these people avail these documents.Police have also been directed to obtain the fingerprint of Bangladeshis and other foreigners following which a district-wise computerised database would be maintained. Owners and managers of various businesses and construction agencies have been asked to keep the identity proof of all the labourers who work under them.In September, while praising the implementation of the NRC in Assam, Mr. Adityanath said a similar drive could be launched in his State if necessary.last_img