Daily topic Jingdong open logistics platform to win delivery against rookie

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) August 9th news, Jingdong recently formally launched its official website of logistics services, to third party businesses and partners to provide logistics and distribution business consulting services Jingdong. This is the specific implementation of Jingdong logistics platform ideas.

at present, the Jingdong’s official website home page in addition to providing logistics logistics policy, distribution network query, freight calculation, cooperation and other information, also opened a direct login "Jingdong Qinglong system" Port Third Party sellers and suppliers. More importantly, the official website of Jingdong express also put up a draw SF EXPRESS, four one up and other courier giant trend. By Ma Yun as chiefs to create a "rookie" in the network, the courier company is an important part of. This also means that the third party businesses and partners can use Jingdong’s own distribution system.

Jingdong official said, Jingdong logistics official website is one of the important initiatives for Jingdong to open up the logistics services for businesses, but also a new platform for communication and cooperation between the third party sellers and Jingdong. With the official website, businesses can quickly through the express of departure, destination, weight and volume information to calculate the freight amount, and can be batch entry shipped number Waybill Information tracking.

in the industry view, Jingdong logistics platform for the opening of the expectations I’m afraid not just simple business services. In the official website of the common Express query section, in addition to express Jingdong, SF EXPRESS, EMS, one of four links, and other mainstream ZJS express enterprises among them, but because the information has not been unable to query the docking, several courier companies in the Jingdong express order information. In this regard, the courier Jingdong responsible person responded that the Jingdong express is an information open platform, the future can be found in other businesses to use express logistics information, "the premise is to cooperate with the courier company Jingdong". The move was seen as the industry is the Jingdong is good, and tried to woo the express company, to build their own in the field of logistics partner team. A few months ago, Ali, intime group joint SF EXPRESS, three links up to jointly announced that China intelligent logistics backbone network officially launched. Target in any region of the country up to the rookie Network Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established. In the above platform, is responsible for the distribution of courier companies is clearly the most important.

, however, Jingdong is facing controversy in the pricing of open platform logistics. Jingdong official data show that within the city of Beijing package delivery fee of 12 yuan per 1KG, the cost will be increased by $2, while off-site distribution to Shanghai to Beijing, for example, 2KG within the delivery fee of $24. But the four one reached the average delivery fee is only half of Jingdong. In this regard, Li Chengdong believes that the cost of logistics Jingdong open platform than the four pass one high, but lower than EMS, sf. The Jingdong’s pricing strategy is SF as the third party seller service alternatives, which have similar factors of service quality competition and considering their own costs.

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