South Korea’s main website was hacked four hours

station network (Admin5) July 8th news, according to the "Korean Daily" reported that the evening of July 7th, the South Korean Presidential Office of Chong Wa Dae, North Korea daily, South Korea’s main portal Naver website was hacked, resulting in 4 hours can not access the website.

, according to reports, due to an unknown nationality hacker attacks, about 10000000 users can not access these sites.

reported that South Korea July 7th begins at 6 p.m. in the Korean daily, Chong Wa Dae, South Korean presidential Congress, South Korean Defense Ministry, the portal sites such as Naver, Auction, email, blogs and Shinhan bank exchange bank, South Korea’s main website appeared some can not enter. Until around 10:30 the majority of sites returned to normal, but some sites to second days in the morning is still paralyzed.

on the North Korean daily news, at 6:20 on the 7 or so, a large number of unidentified users at the same time influx, leading to the site in the case of extreme overloading paralyzed. Portal Naver also said that the beginning of the interval between 6:50 and some of the individual blog and e-mail service problems.

according to the analysis of the relevant institutions and the Korean people in the Internet, the hacker group is selected in their respective areas of the leading website for DDoS attacks. DDoS Distribution Denial of service abbreviation is "distributed denial of service attack".

said that South Korea has begun to understand the reasons for the large-scale hacking, and to develop relevant countermeasures, but also began to track the source of hackers.