Unauthorized release of medical information website will be blacklisted

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other 12 ministries on 2010 before the introduction of "false advertising illegal special rectification work to implement the views of", the TV shopping advertising, medical, pharmaceutical, health food advertising, as well as involving illegal, vulgar bad advertising was defined as this year the focus of special rectification. Typical illegal advertising through exposure, comments, announcements and other forms of publicity to the community, the responsible units repeated penalties for repeat offenders will cancel the qualification of advertising.

it is understood that the "opinions" by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Central Propaganda Department, the Information Office of the State Council, the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of supervision, the State Council office, Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of health and the State Administration of radio, press and publication administration, the State Food and drug administration, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine jointly issued "issued after the opinion" around, the business sector will be held the lead remediation joint meeting of false and illegal advertising department, a nationwide joint remediation of illegal advertising.

"opinion" clearly the focus of the 2010 regulation mainly includes 4 aspects, including before repeatedly exposed problems of TV shopping advertisement. Opinions also asked for the three aspects of advertising supervision, advertising guidance to strengthen the implementation of advertising before the release of the implementation of dynamic regulation, advertising will be dealt with according to law. The "opinions" requirement to establish and improve departmental supervision information feedback mechanism, timely investigation and handling of cases, processing related media, processing enterprises and products, the relevant notice of mutual cancellation advertisement approval number, to take coercive measures such as the relevant departments, and the implementation of joint law enforcement, use their regulatory functions and regulatory means, adopt comprehensive economic sanctions, accountability and other measures.

remediation type

is directly related to people’s health and security, medical drugs, health food advertising, harm the physical and mental health of minors involving illegal, vulgar bad advertising, and serious false and illegal advertising, will carry out special rectification.

provincial level TV stations, large and medium city TV station economic life channel, city newspaper media released the TV shopping ads, as well as health information section (bar). The name and form of news reports in advertising.

to clean up the Internet illegal drug advertising, sexually transmitted diseases and poor advertising treatment of vulgar advertising, remediation Internet vulgar wind.

business sector in the daily monitoring of illegal advertising, will be timely warning, correction, the problem is serious, immediately ordered to stop publishing. The relevant departments will be exposed through a typical advertising cases, illegal advertising case review, advertising regulatory tips, alleged serious violation of advertising and other forms of public notice to the community, to deter false advertising illegal.

issued several false and illegal advertising, advertisers repeatedly fined for repeat offenders and other relevant responsible party, in addition to penalties, will also suspend its advertising business, until the abolition of advertising qualifications, and suggested that the relevant departments to investigate the media units in charge of the leadership and responsibility of the persons concerned. If the party responsible for collusion fraud, concealing advertising, real issues false certificate, shall be severely punished.

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