October non.Com domain name 20 list Coin.org price of $460 thousand

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) November 11th news, according to foreign media reports, the top-level domain name auction.Com general in October this year, the "coin" domain name Coin.org for $75000 (about 460 thousand yuan) price this year, led by non generic top-level domain.Com.


figure: October non.Com domain name list

secondly, ranked second is the auction price of $20000 domain name Stream.org, followed by the design Designs.net, the auction price of $16800. There is a domain name Babes.net auction price of $14100, ranking fourth.

in addition, the auction price of $12800 Kredite.info, $12637 6.biz, as well as the $10000 Joy.club domain names are also in the top 20 list.

in the list of non.Com domain name,.Net suffix domain name is still the mainstream, accounting for 11, far more than other suffix domain names, although missed the top two, but its strength can not be ignored. In addition, the potential of the.Org suffix domain name is also good, only ranked first in the Coin.org, its $75000 stake in the price is far ahead of other domains.