Yanji two sites due to copyright infringement was investigated for criminal responsibility


from 2009 to 2010, the State Press and Publication Bureau, Yanji City Press and publication and Sports Bureau jointly with the municipal public security departments have jointly cracked two websites on the Internet without authorization to provide a large number of Korean music works, MTV works and all kinds of film and television, music case. September 7th, held in Yanji cracked foreign network infringement cases in recognition of the general assembly, informed the case of the network infringement cases, and commended the relevant departments.

according to the introduction, in July 28, 2009, China Music Copyright Association to the Yanji City Press and Publication Bureau sent a letter of complaint letter and sports in Yanji City, told the two sites (www.imdj.net; o2sky.com) is to provide a large number of Korean music works for audition, free download copyright infringement, and request the administrative penalties apply to the bureau. Yanji Culture Press and publication and Sports Bureau on August 3, 2009. After careful investigation, the two sites of the network server are territorial in the city of Yanji, a large number of law enforcement officers forensics work through the Internet and other technical means of screenshots.

in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the two sites have been in line with the transfer of the judiciary to investigate the elements of criminal responsibility. July 28, 2010, the Yanji Municipal People’s Court on the o2sky.com website infringement case verdict, the defendant guilty of a crime of copyright infringement, sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for three years, and fined $20 thousand. The www.imdj.net website has been at large corporate, public security organs failed to transfer the public prosecution.