Daily topic where to get $500 million financing to Ctrip offer

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 2nd news, today announced the silver lake where other investment institutions investment agreement, obtained by Silver Lake Investment Group led the $500 million strategic investment.

‘s investment, $330 million from the Silver Lake Investment Group, the remaining $170 million from other investors. Where to use this investment will continue to expand the mobile platform, driving business growth, and further enhance and strengthen technical capabilities.

where a net loss of $2 billion 364 million in the past 1 years, about $381 million 310 thousand. As of March 31, 2015, where the net cash and cash equivalents, limited use of cash and accounts receivable total value of 1 billion 400 million yuan ($232 million 300 thousand). 2015 first quarter operating loss of 411 million 200 thousand yuan ($66 million 300 thousand), operating loss of 174 million 100 thousand yuan last year, operating loss in the previous quarter was $666 million 600 thousand, a decline in losses. 2015 first quarter gross margin was 73.1%, gross margin in the same period last year and last quarter gross margin was 78.1% and 73.5%.

nearly six months, where to seek financing. Where to go today also announced that in May 8th received an unsolicited tender offer to acquire all outstanding shares. But after careful consideration, where to write in June 1, 2015 rejected the proposal. However, according to where the consistent policy, where to consider all the potential strategic opportunities for the company and shareholders, with the strategic partnership with the industry to further discuss open.

where to go also said that the company and Baidu terminated the intimate search cooperation agreement, but in terms of hotel information reached a cooperation agreement. Under this agreement, where the network will be based on the location of Baidu maps show Hotel data. Users can click to display the hotel, View Hotel information and complete the reservation. Before the IPO in 2013, where is a subsidiary of Baidu. As of March 31st, Baidu holds 51.4% of the issued ordinary shares.

Zhuang Chenchao said that Future Ltd has always been an open attitude to mergers and acquisitions and investment integration, where to be the ultimate leader in online travel market.

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