The recruitment website ten years change occupation social networking platform to catch up from behi

from around 2000 recruitment network first appeared in the domestic market, now after more than and 10 years of development, the network recruitment has been increasingly improved, and the development of a channel is the most mature talent market, obtained by ordinary people to accept the enterprise. According to statistics, in 2011 China’s online recruitment market reached a total profit of 2 billion 180 million yuan, an increase of $1 billion 700 million compared to $28.6% in 2010.

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industry competition at the same time, also stimulate the continuous change of itself, drive in "to give users a better recruitment mode" service concept, network recruitment market has increasingly diversified competition, micro recruitment, recruitment of these SNS on the talent market is the bright younger generation, "The students surpass the teacher." the potential growth rate. The day before, "the 2012 online recruitment industry research report" on the Chinese online recruitment industry the deconstruction and analysis system, the depth of the view that the rise of occupation of social networking sites, will lead the new wave of network recruitment.

ten years of development of homogeneous serious recruitment website model single

recruitment network first appeared, with its efficient, flexible and convenient advantages, has been widely recognized by enterprises, more and more enterprises the main channels, network recruitment as talent introduction in a long period of time, there has been a lot of recruitment website, industry development prospects like a raging fire.

but, more than ten years of development, experienced in the bombing VC injection, the advertisement war, price competition and other tricks, although let ChinaHR, 51job, Zhaopin grab to the industry before the three throne, but a single profit model, the homogenization of serious competition, let the recruitment website also in the embarrassing situation.

has been the recruitment website service mode is not innovation, profit model is as long as the enterprises pay the fee, you can publish information, the homogenization of serious competition, in order to "limelight", there are a lot of recruitment websites to attract more users, can relax the released information about the user’s supervision and audit efforts what is more, the information released as an advertising platform for all kinds of "false information" provides an opportunity.

in this context, either as recruiters or employers, job seekers, the traditional recruitment websites are difficult to "do", the recruitment website to break through this awkward situation, going through the innovative service mode, truly solutions and matching services for they provide a full range of recruitment. Therefore, the industry believes that the emergence of professional social networking sites, the Chinese network recruitment industry can be brought into the scenery reproduction after ten years of gold.

network recruitment breakthrough occupation social platform The students surpass the teacher.

recruitment website to provide a full range of recruitment solutions for the enterprise, in addition to eliminate false information, but also to achieve is to make job seekers and employers match exactly, solve the recruitment website at present information asymmetry of the status quo, in one hand.