Webmaster daily broadcast YAHOO mailbox will close Sina micro-blog cooperation with Taobao

1 China YAHOO mailbox will be closed in August 19th Ali cloud took over

Beijing on April 18th news today, China’s YAHOO e-mail users receive official e-mail, said YAHOO mailbox will stop service in August 19th, user data will be temporarily taken over by Ali cloud mailbox.

mail, said the user can register Ali cloud mailbox to save the history of China’s YAHOO mail mail until December 31, 2014. YAHOO also suggested that all operations need to be completed before August 19th, if not carried out above, the original Chinese YAHOO mail and contacts will be deleted and can not be restored.

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2 trendsetter electricity supplier YOHO! There are goods business: 80% quarter sold out rule

From the end of 2008

for the opening line of business, to enter the field of electricity supplier fashion magazine "YOHO!" a little tide annals, up early taste of YOHO in the electricity supplier, the money burn a crazy moment! There are goods (yohobuy.com) and no special dazzling development, but get a sum of 10 million dollars of venture capital.

but also fortunately, YOHO electricity supplier in the collective suffered cold fall again, no! Rushed to the night set".

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3.P2P net loan no central bank credit supervision development required step two hurdle

recently, the people’s Bank of Chinese (referred to as the "central bank") has small loan companies and financing Guarantee Corporation into its perfect credit system of the new regulatory object, however, P2P net loan industry has not been included in the central bank credit system construction category.

talked about this, CEO net loan Chang Shi Jun quite helpless, "the central bank credit system construction in P2P company was not able to estimate the finalists, the short term is difficult to finalists."

domestic P2P net loan industry free legal supervision on the edge of the resistance of the enterprise development and many uncertain factors, in order to get great development with a few bank have to cross.

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4 Sina micro-blog accelerate the pace of commercialization: Taobao collaboration with information flow display advertising

following the fans pass, Sina micro