The contradiction between the website and the user experience is not contradictory

site beautiful, SEO, user experience, three contradictions and contradictions, important and unimportant things. The 58 task network recently very vexed very vexed, too many copycat station network search on Baidu, the first full page, do not know who is true false.

, what’s more, simply the 58 task network style as the official style, sell software default style. So after discussion we decided to change the style again. Then the easier said than done style can say is before, after a year of modification and improvement, basically, in the website appearance, SEO, user experience are done, done, perfect, style is not easy now to replace.

is currently the most popular foreign flash style, this style can do the most big user experience, the site also do is very beautiful and perfect, perfect. But there is one point, this station, in the Chinese search engine Baidu view, guts, so must have bad effect included. And if you want to do a brief introduction is not simple, then, the site is beautiful and SEO do, but the user experience can not join, it seems that these three are unable to give up and can not coexist.

Many novice

don’t understand the truth, crazy to do the first two cases, the results page do exceed the standard, more than 140k, many friends may feel no problem, but is still a problem, Baidu snapshot only 140, if more than, will seriously affect the development of the website.

Now we can see the landing

, is currently in the testing phase, so this was the perfect home style, by now the most popular user can view, without sliding roller, a page is so big. The red color page rhubarb do, the reason is at the national day, more happy, also can bring the member of the higher confidence and strength.

at the same time in the user experience has also made some effort.

but this page also has the question, is the search engine, because for beauty, is a page and a half of the above picture is pure pictures and flash, so this may be included to produce certain effect, but can be by other means perfect, such as increased to include the activities of the characters, in other locations included in the announcement, the the new site of the new membership income, etc.. At the same time also note, many people think that the site is beautiful, SEO, user experience is contradictory, in fact, as long as a good grasp of the three, then he can use each other, help each other, this is to rely on their own webmaster to control.