Great Medal of Francophonie awarded to Fouad Laroui

Paris – Moroccan novelist and essayist, Fouad Laroui was awarded the Great Medal of the Francophonie, an annual award established by the French Academy in 1986, according to the recipient.In a statement to MAP, Mr. Laroui said he was very “touched” by the award which “honors all Moroccans.”“It highlights the linguistic and artistic diversity of a country that is open to all cultures and all trends. We must protect this diversity and be proud of it,” he said. The Great Medal of the Francophonie rewards the work of French-speaking persons who contribute to the promotion of the French language in their countries or at the international level.Fouad Laroui received Goncourt prize in 2013 for his novel “The Strange Case of the pants of Dassoukine”