Royal Air Maroc to Launch Direct Flights to China Next June

Fez- An initiative by Royal Air Maroc (RAM) will open flights from Casablanca to China as a way to strengthen ties between the two peoples and promote tourism in Morocco.Flights that link between Morocco and China are currently available via Gulf airlines, but the passengers have to change planes in the Gulf.The RAM flights from Casablanca to China will begin operating next June. The Moroccan company, which has ordered four Boeing 787 Dreamliners to be ready for the new flights, will opeate three flights per week to China.Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism aims to attract 100,000 Chinese tourists by 2020, according to Minister Lahcen Haddad.Morocco is targeting the Chinese market to benefit from its rapidly growing Gross domestic product and the Chinese consumer’s high purchasing capacity, which motivates them to frequently travel internationally, according to the Ministry.The direct flight is expected to make trip easier by decreasing the length of flights and allowing travellers to avoid the trouble of changing planes.Edited by Timothy Filla© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed.