The game teaching platform on the nternet is not the most convenient Witkey mode!

game education network has been exploring a new way to develop the network go teaching since it was released in December 2005.

After the

website launched since last October occupation players network guidance chess and rehabilitation, there have been teachers and amateur players to contact us, hope to join the game education network teaching team, but due to the lack of a dedicated teaching platform, the amateur chess teachers and the lack of effective certification, students pay system is imperfect. In the amateur network teaching has been difficult to carry out.

at the beginning of this year, the site enabled a new forum program, the program has a member issued a reward function. At that time, the site opened up a special reward area to encourage students through the release of the form of the task, please go to the amateur teacher guide. At that time, some students through this form, with some amateur go teacher contact, and received guidance.

in September this year, we also try to recommend the pig, the task China Witkey website operation mode, a new set of Witkey program, and do the advertising in chess website.

, however, after a period of practice, we feel that there is a gap between what we had expected. The main reason is that the whole process is too complicated for both the students and the teachers who participate in the go teaching.

for example, participants issued a guidance game reward, will have to take this task several teachers, students according to their information, select one, both through the QQ or telephone contact, both sides agreed the guidance game time, on the end, back to the site after the payment, the entire process is is the end.

Witkey program released nearly a month after our careful analysis, think: go network teaching process, in fact, can be achieved through the improvement of the current chess chess software function. For example, the two sides in the game before teaching, setting price guide, guidance after the completion of the system immediately to complete the payment process.

teaching system at present, Witkey website dedicated is ready for testing.


website in addition to retain the occupation player teacher qualification certification, the certification on the amateur players involved in teaching teachers, and publicity on the site, and generally requires teachers amateur price, for your reference.

the teachers and the students every time on or before double checking, need to set the guidance of chess or checking the price. On checking or separately and after rehabilitation, students from the immediate payment for teachers.

in addition, the system set up another area between members can let those who can serve as teachers, guidance on. End of the game, the winner after rehabilitation, from the negative side to win instant payment.

our idea is that through the game teaching of Witkey software, can let more teachers and students to participate in the game. In other words, everyone can learn, everyone can teach, everyone can create revenue.

two years ago, Liu Feng and his classmates on Witkey mode > MBA