Case analysis of enterprise website promotion

industry market is facing many changes. Although the traditional retail stalls continue, but with the rise of network marketing, more and more building materials companies began to try to use the network to expand channels. As Beijing doors positive change, Sogou leveraging the success achieved in the network search marketing as the main marketing mode.

Sogou marketing experience sharing (a) describes the writing skills: for people in different regions of the focus of attention, writing a differential description


anti-theft door white manager told the author, keyword advertising title description is the enterprise attract potential customers in the first window, according to the customer focus, we take the difference on the writing description. As for the production of underdeveloped areas is described as: "to provide the latest information, the sale of refractory materials for the most specialized enterprise network brand planning services", focus on advanced and professional; and for Beijing, Shanghai and other big city, with people paying close attention to energy saving and environmental protection of such a phenomenon, we insulation materials to professional environmental protection, good insulation performance, energy-saving effect is remarkable as described. At the same time, in the fierce competition in some of the products, we will add a successful case in the description, in order to distinguish from other homogeneous products in the industry, effectively improve customer interest.

(two) keyword selection skills: put the industry’s professional vocabulary, add the regional name prefix

Liu said, refractory, thermal insulation material targeted, focusing on enterprises and wholesalers. In order to make more accurate advertising, reduce invalid clicks, we mainly put as insulation materials, refractory material, refractory brick, silicon carbide and other professional vocabulary, people will focus on the promotion industry directly facing the centralized purchase.

in addition, Shandong, Zibo is still recognized as a refractory material production in developed areas. In order to better use the regional brand advantage, we face the country put the "Zibo refractories", "Zibo refractory brick" and other key words, through the regional brand awareness, promote the promotion of enterprise products.

"now many enterprises have begun to try to search marketing, this also makes the keyword bidding costs rising." Liu said the company will focus on the current focus on Sogou search and other cost-effective, invalid click less platform to maximize the effectiveness of the promotion.

Sogou marketing effect sharing Liu said that the current corporate propaganda effect is very good, significantly increased the amount of site visits, daily effective telephone counseling volume can reach more than and 10. The most gratifying is that the company, through Sogou bidding, the visibility of the corporate website has not only significantly improved, fixed customer base also has a certain growth.

search marketing expert Hu Baojie comments and put a lot of search engine advertising enterprise customer nature is different, Beijing security door belongs to vertical industry B2B website, itself is a network promotion platform. Given the huge user base search engine, B2B site itself must also be promoted through search engine marketing, in order to attract more