Baidu know promotion should have dedication to helping others

is not the query "Baidu know those already existing in the Internet content directly, but the user according to the specific requirements put forward problems, to launch other users by the reward mechanism, to create the answer. At the same time, the answers to these questions will be further as a result of the search, available to other users with similar questions, to achieve the effect of sharing knowledge.

The biggest characteristic of

Baidu know, lies in the perfect combination and search engine, transformation let users have the tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge, the user is Baidu know the content of the user, and Baidu know the creator of knowledge accumulation data here can be reflected in the search results. Through the interaction between the user and the search engine, search engine community.

Baidu know

can also be viewed as a supplement to the search engine function, let the tacit knowledge in the user’s mind into explicit knowledge, the formation of new information base by precipitation and microstructure on the answer, in which information can be further user retrieval and use. This means that the user is not only the search engine users, but also creators. Baidu can be said to be too dependent on the technology of a search engine to improve the human nature."

from the above words we learned that "Baidu knows" is the solution to the problem of mutual place, there are problems of the question, let each industry friends through their knowledge, professional knowledge, knowledge of life, personal experience to help you solve the problem, this problem has solved the problem of friend, answer by their knowledge to help others. If the answer is adopted, and the question of the points of the reward, the higher the level of integration, but also to answer the knowledge of the affirmative.

we all know, in the search for a problem in Baidu, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu post bar and other related issues in the ranking of Baidu products in the top few. And Baidu know the problem, may be a lot of people will encounter problems, if we know the link in Baidu Nakanaga Kuboru (as long as Baidu does not fall), this is not the most effective promotion.

how do we promote it here?

(Forum) I have seen a lot of friends to write the Baidu quiz promotion skills, but is used by many promotion methods, such as: the so-called "the best choice in the evening of seven points to nine points post, even if the probability of being deleted, browsing is also large," like this and Western medicine are palliatives, the chances of being delete is very large, this promotion is to achieve what purpose? Promotion will look farther, to avoid close, if only to go to the IP (IP vanity), why waste energy.

in Baidu know to promote, to do a good job of helping others, we are ready to help others, not to promote and promotion. Every webmaster are very understanding of their own website, website of the professional knowledge industry is also very profound, through knowledge to help others, the way to promote your website, this is not the best of both worlds.