Joking Lan Xiang taught us how to do marketing

some time ago Lan Xiang fire is a confused, not only is the "excavator which strong", popular movies play several times more fun this time, Lan Xiang HVTC fame, let more peers envy. After Lan Xiang brainwashing propaganda language, we can not help but think of what elements led to the ability of Lan Xiang in this era, by virtue of a LOW to the explosion of the slogan to win marketing.

In fact, the success of the

are often similar, and now seems to be unclear from black or his black environment, the only certainty is that Lan Xiang’s popularity has risen to another height. In the face of such a situation, as is done marketing business friends should be good to consider Lan Xiang’s marketing strategy, analysis its success based on exactly what.

‘s insistence on brand image. When we do marketing, often only concerned about the hot, hot and in order to cater to the brand awareness from language, values and propaganda means constantly, although this can attract more attention, but for the cognitive is brand value is not satisfactory. We often after novelty advertising over, still have to ask what this product? Sometimes promotion and marketing may not be completely overturned, such as Lan Xiang 15 years slogan and long-term unchanged image of Tang Guoqiang let everyone feel the technical strength of reliable. Adhere to is not immutable and frozen, pedantic, sometimes to adhere to the brand image will make you save a lot of time, robust 15 water purification process and I can still remember that in the era of rampant star endorsement, Lebaishi has been used the water to the theme of the film, which opened the China market, and this is a for example.

full play grass root temperament. Perhaps the most ridicule in the process of marketing the indispensable thing, and poker-faced teaching them how to behave, rather than through a humorous piece so that we begin to recognize their own. Lan Xiang’s success is obviously with the help of this. Throughout Lan Xiang’s core business training, is nothing more than the excavator, beauty salons, cooks and other high-end occupation, not to mention, but there are a lot of grass root quality. In the face of such a cultural background, some enterprises blindly adopt tall propaganda means easy to let learners mistakenly think that this place is out of the white-collar workers, but compared to the reality and the ideal is bound to his alma mater, a hard. Since it is so awkward, Lan Xiang simply face the grass root temperament, whether it is the spread of the Internet elite scripts, or all word of mouth "one card in hand, a monthly income of tens of thousands", Lan Xiang is the black excavator to the limit. But this kind of ridicule is clearly not beyond the bottom line of publicity, but to allow more young people to accept such a reality, since the school has learned, there are prospects, then choose a well-known school. I believe there must be a lot of people are holding the mentality to participate in training, and thus it is the middle of the Lan Xiang heaz.

desperately with their high-end, hot together. Lan Xiang in marketing, there is also an advantage that must be mentioned, that is always with the hot spots together