This Portal phone is not a lie

first_imgvia Reddit Portal fans should scroll down the page and see the interface your Android phone could be sporting if you don’t mind rooting your device.The screenshot was uploaded by Reddit user itsnickk who said he did it “For science.” In fact, it didn’t take that much effort to achieve. After rooting his Droid smartphone he downloaded the LockBot Free app which allows for the customization of the Android screen either with your own design or with one of a growing number of themes.With the layout customized, he then used Photoshop to create the Aperture Laboratories background, which he has also been kind enough to make available if someone else wants to apply it to their phone’s background.AdChoices广告There’s a question mark hanging over whether you do actually need to root your Android device to do this. Itsnickk later realized LockBot Free works regardless, but there’s mixed reviews on the app’s page about how well it does actually work.If you want a Portal-ized phone interface, though, it’s well worth the effort to see if this works. There’s some suggestions in the Reddit comments thread on alternatives apps that may be able to achieve the same thing too. They include Minimalistic Text and WidgetLocker Lockscreen. If you find one works better than the others be sure to let us know about it.last_img