Why do McDonalds burgers look different in ads

first_imgYou’re ravenously hungry and in need of a fast food fix, so you take a trip to your local McDonald’s to fill your stomach. You peruse the menu, examining the burgers that look thick, juciy, and full of tasty ingredients, you place your order at the counter, and moments later you’re greeted by a poor excuse for a burger.You gobble the burger down anyway because it still tastes damn good. It’s unlikely you complain, but my bet is that everyone has thought “why the hell don’t they look like they do in the ads?” Well, in a strange show of openness, the director of marketing for McDonald’s Canada, Hope Bagozzi, has produced this video to explain exactly why this is the case.Whereas the food you order in store is with you in a matter of minutes, the preparation and shooting of the burgers for the ads takes several hours. A food stylist (hands up if you never knew that job title existed until now) is used to prep the burger, the patty is lightly cooked on the outside so as not to shrink it down and, as required by law, all the same ingredients are used as you find in the burgers you get over the counter.The burger is then prepped so as to show all the ingredients contained within and to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Once the shot has been taken it is passed on to be retouched, removing any blemishes from the bun and such.Overall it’s nice to see some honesty and openness from a mega corporation such as McDonald’s, but I fail to see what they gain from it (except maybe all the free publicity from blogs covering the video).via AdAgelast_img