Raspberry Pi Model A makes first appearance on camera

first_imgIt’s easy to forget that the Raspberry Pi currently shipping is the more expensive model of the board. It is actually called the Model B as it sports more features than the $25 Model A.The main differences include a lack of an Ethernet port and the associated networking chip, as well as there only being one USB port instead of two. There was originally going to be less memory on the Model A (128MB instead of 256MB), but the Raspberry Pi Foundation managed to make enough cost savings during a redesign to increase the amount to 256MB on the cheaper version.With all the focus being on the Model B, we haven’t actually seen the (near) final Model A board yet. But that changes today as Eben Upton has just given a video interview with technology website V3 and had a Model A to show off.The board looks very similar to the Model B, but is obviously missing a few components. The good news is the board looks to have the same layout otherwise, so the same cases should work. They will just have a few unfilled holes in them.Here’s the Model B for comparison with the Model A images above:The Model A may change again as the one Eben has is a Foundation testing board (the USB definitely isn’t final on that board), but it makes sense to stick with the same layout from a manufacturing point of view. I’m also wondering if there will come a point in the near future where the price difference between adding the Ethernet and second USB is so negligible there isn’t a need for a Model A anymore.There are around 200,000 Model Bs now out on the market and demand remains very high. It’s unclear when the Model A will appear, but the Model B is definitely the better choice in my opinion due to the extra connectivity on offer for not much more money.More at V3last_img