TMobile aims to redefine its broken stupid industry with Uncarrier 20

first_img“We are going to redefine a stupid, broken, arrogant industry.”Apparently the big waves that T-Mobile made earlier this year with their contract-free plans weren’t quite UnCarrier enough, so CEO John Legere took to the stage today to announce some new changes to their plans. According to Legere, their whole philosophy right now is to just do what the customers want, and making changes based on user feedback. According to Legere, the initial changes have seen great results from the no contract plans and the bring your own device plans. Their next wave of changes are here, branded as UnCarrier 2.0.The big news for smartphones is JUMP, a lease-like service that allows users to pay a monthly fee to trade up to a new phone twice every 12 months after they have been in the program for 6 months. You pay $10 per month on top of the price for the phone as though you were paying for it through the Equipment Installment Program (EIP). This means you pay the $100 up front for the iPhone 5, for example, and the EIP monthly rate until you trade up for a new phone. If you decide to upgrade then you trade in your old phone when you get the new one, but as long as you are a T-Mobile customer you’ll have access to this service.T-Mobile is also launching a new family plans with no credit checks. Users can now get four Simple Choice Plan lines with unlimited talk, text and 500MB of data for $100 per month. This is a huge deal for users that are routinely slammed with multiple $200 deposits on family plans, and will be available starting July 14.CTO Neville Ray took to the stage as well to announce LTE for 157 million people in 116 metropolitan areas, blowing past their initial goal of reaching 100 million people by the middle of this year. These networks include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta, and Miami to name a few, and are available starting today. The stopped to make sure that everyone knew that the company has blown past Sprint for total LTE in the US, and that they have accomplished this in a few short months.last_img