About guns artifact unfamiliar street is how to thrive under the Tencent look at fiercely as a tiger

Abstract: early unfamiliar street COO Wang Li said: as long as the product level is rich enough, about gun does not become its problem. So to a large user base, products are more diverse, no one will like single to define you, because everyone, everyone different demands.

today in the office, suddenly someone talked about unfamiliar street, inadvertently reminded me of unfamiliar street interest.

according to the information can be found, the first version of the street unfamiliar street in August 3, 2011. At that time, the domestic social product pattern, QQ, micro-blog limelight Masamori, m chat as a new force, renren.com is still active on the line, WeChat has begin to display talents. In the subsequent development, the rapid development of WeChat has become the leader in the field of Chinese society, rice chat, Renren gradually fade out of the public view, micro-blog was once the impact of fluctuations.

but in the 5 years of 2011-2016, unfamiliar street has been rapid development, the rapid completion of the accumulation of users. In February 17, 2014, the number of users exceeded 100 million in the same year in December 11th, unfamiliar street listed on the NASDAQ exchange. Unfamiliar street in 2016 Q1 earnings, said its first quarter net revenues reached $50 million 900 thousand.

I am particularly curious point is: the Tencent social Empire look at fiercely as a tiger does, even unfamiliar street is able to survive and thrive, whether it is because of what


with this question, I searched the Google above the unfamiliar street, the result is this:


search unfamiliar street about guns, there are 962000 results.


I search on Baidu, unfamiliar street about guns, there are 1410000 results.


search results from the point of view, unfamiliar street is bound to have a great relationship with the gun (through the search for other social products and artillery correlation comparison, the amount of information is too large, are interested in their own search).

then came the question: how is associated with unfamiliar street about guns? How is it sit about guns artifact of the throne? About guns have what kind of influence to the unfamiliar street


with these problems in the past and after collecting more information, this article attempts from the perspective of the product and operation of the unfamiliar street and about the gun of the excavation, and share with you.

said in advance that all the information mentioned in the text, but I found the information, there will be a lack of, but the main one should not deviate from the main line. If there is something wrong, please correct me.

one, born with about gun buff and about gun artifact