Eurovision votes buck the trend

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Sweden’s Mans Zelmerloew was crowned the 2015 Eurovision winner with the help of generous points from Australia and Greece on Sunday.Australia’s first (and sadly last) chance at voting saw 12 points awarded to Sweden, while Greece gave its 12 points to third placed Italy.It was one of the first times Greece shied away from its usual 12 points to Cyprus, known for voting with a political angle rather than for song choice. It didn’t shy too far away though, with Greece giving Cyprus its second place with 10 points.Cyprus also bucked the trend and gave its 12 points to Italy, with Sweden and Greece getting its 10 and eight points repressively. Interestingly, both the Greek and Cypriot acts were performed by Cypriot nationals, with Maria Elena Kyriakou for Greece and John Karayiannis for Cyprus. Australia’s votes were very on trend with the eventual final rankings. All of its 10 votes were for the top 10 artists, with Sweden, Russia and Italy getting Australia’s 12,10,8 points respectively.Sadly Greece nor Cyprus were handed a bone by the Australian vote, despite many Greek Australian fans casting votes in the early morning of Sunday.The fan vote only accounts for 50 per cent of the final vote for the countries taking part. A national panel decides on the other 50 per cent, a measure recently enacted to stop block voting by political allies.After being given a place in the song contest as a special one off thank to our love of the competition, Australia’s Guy Sebastian took to the stage and charmed audiences, managing a very respectable fifth place.It was awarded 12 points by Austria and Sweden, while the UK and Norway gave us 10 points.Greece and Cyprus awarded Australia five and four points respectively. last_img