Blog marketing in my eyes

I believe most people see the word after the first idea is to carry out sales activities through the blog, but the blog is not a personal expression of the right place?

this is a contradiction, also is the enterprise grasp the bad place, enterprise blog marketing benefits I believe we already know how much a little professional personnel engaged in this industry also had some, even set up a league, is the most active in Taobao and Ali this kind of website, and some network marketing institutions and experts engage in e-commerce are essential for the stuff the get ink, through the media publicity, but also some enterprises have some awareness, some enterprises have already opened a blog.

to be honest, I also very interested in understanding of these, for a period of time, especially to see with fellow Langfang fingertip soft sand lady blog marketing have also left some really rash and too much in haste, the slobber, write something, organize the chaos of the idea, I don’t have a prejudice, don’t say no the theme, this is my personal blog, is the subjective prejudice, enen, shall he do ^_^

blog marketing some websites and organizations alliance small comments:

the organization alliance and do not say the organization, because now blog marketing temporarily did not find what real institutions to make, are some of the network alliance, of course, the "new competitiveness" such a big brother not.

blog marketing website: website similar bokee this website, Chinese this kind of business do not know if the blog marketing positions in a look is actually a portal blog, blog grassroots variants, there are occupation managers, entrepreneurial roots of this kind of gimmick, in later out of order, politics what made the chain, military, have, may bring some traffic through search engines, but site has similar sites, included are not too good, do not know whether it can play a big role in.

industry website subordinate blog: these websites affiliated blog, the most representative should be the Alibaba network blog, there are at least most want to do business on the Internet, how to get orders from the Internet are interested, also have a certain sense of trust, is currently the best blog marketing position, effect than the above professional is sure to be strong, but to remind you, but inside you want to engage in dragons and fishes jumbled together, blog marketing have to make a deal with a lot of spam, spam for.

enterprise blog: which do good is the IT industry, can be said to be a model of blog marketing, blog Matt Cutts I will not say, keso, the original content of this blog is lansha constantly exciting, many similar expert in all walks of life to share experiences with fame, and even some comrade Adsense guest, CPC promotion, blog, the blog friends don’t know what is the blog marketing, between profit and non-profit between seemingly.