Guy Remakes Toy Firetruck as a RemoteControlled Flamethrower

first_img Homemade ‘Super Smash Bros. Melee’ Cabinet Makes Our Hearts …Homemade ‘Sekiro’ Prosthetic Arm Is Cooler Than The Game Okay… before we get any further, let’s just take a moment to appreciate how utterly fucking badass that is. Some guy has re-jiggered his toy firetruck. And he didn’t do it to make it better at putting out fires… no, no. He made the hose and all that shoot. Liquid. Flames. That’s fucking metal. Right? Right. Okay.You can catch the video above, and yeah, just do that. It’s 10-minutes long, but it’s all amazing (though if you want to skip to the flame-y bits, that starts around 4:30). YouTuber and DIY engineer, Peter Sripol grabs an RC Firetruck from a toy store and then goes to town modifying just about everything.As made, the truck is designed to store and shoot water at targets. After an initial test that melted the nozzle on the hose, the truck was practically remade. The pumps shoot further and are harder. The batteries hold more power and the truck’s even more agile than before. And, to show everyone that it all still works, Sripol loads up the machine with water and uses it normally. But then he loads it with gasoline, and the fun really starts.Throughout the video, he chases down and sets ablaze other RC cars, gravel, cardboard boxes and then finally an entire bank of fireworks.The terrifying (and totally rad) thing about this is that the modifications aren’t all that tough to make really. Essentially, he cut an RC car in half and jammed some more gear inside. The fuel pump is taken from a model plane and wired into a controller with some basic, soldered wires. If you’re roughly familiar with DIY electronics projects, this wouldn’t be a tough challenge at all.That said, of course, DO NOT BUILD AN ACTUAL “FIRE” TRUCK. THAT IS BAD. SHOOTING FLAMING GASOLINE AT RANDOM STUFF IS AWESOME. BUT ALSO VERY BAD. The truck does have googly eyes on the front, and that’s cool. And I’d say that if you do build this (which, don’t, seriously), then you are morally obligated to put googly eyes on it.Also, if you’re into this sort of the thing, the dude has tons of videos covering awesome home-made projects. So check out his channel. You can also pick up some of the same gear he uses if you want to take on a similar (but obviously not fire-related, because we agreed that’s bad) project, you can get his RC transmitter here, and the car itself here. You can grab just about any fire truck that will fit that base, but the rest will have to found at hobby shops. Good luck! Y’know… not building this magical thing from beyond the stars.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img