Hank Hill Meets The Silver Surfer Which is Marvel Canon Now

first_imgStay on target Don’t Hold Your Breath For Noah Hawley’s ‘Doctor Doom&…Disney+ Gets Fox Movie Remakes, Hulu/ESPN Bundle I have an important video to show you. We can talk about it afterward but first I just need you to look. I need you to watch Hank Hill talk to the Silver Surfer.Please.Okay, let’s decompress. What exactly did we just watch? We saw famous cosmic Marvel Comics character Silver Surfer, herald of the world-eater Galactus, superimposed into Arlen, Texas, home of everyone’s favorite propane and propane accessories salesman Hank Hill. Checks out. Just two cartoons that totally go together without raising any questions whatsoever.But what did we really just watch? Details are scarce since no one is keeping detailed notes about the history of animation promos, but this is a commercial for “Fox Kids Heads For The Hills.” Fox Kids was Fox’s children’s programming block and typically aired shows that made sense for kids. Throughout the 1990s, I fondly remember enjoying Fox Kids shows like Digimon, Beast Wars, and Big Bad Beetleborgs.However, it seems that for some reason one day Fox Kids borrowed a show from its adult counterpart and decided to air (presumably edited) episodes of King of the Hill. Or maybe not. Maybe this was just an excuse for Mike Judge to make short films in which Hank Hill, a man made uncomfortable by most things even mildly left of center, gets terrorized by other cartoons. Here’s another fever dream of a promo smashing the two worlds together.Why does this exist? We’re complaining, and we’re just confused. Even among Fox’s adult cartoons, King of the Hill is particularly adult. We’re don’t mean “adult” in a crude, Family Guy-type way, but rather adult in a plain, mature, and realistic way. Hank Hill and Homer Simpson may both like their beer, but while Homer is off having wacky adventures, Hank is dealing with anxiety about masculinity and modernity. Just look at how both shows deal with a President Bush. Homer gets into a fist fight with his new neighbor Bush Sr. in the sewer. Hank is just concerned when Dubya’s campaign rally is weak.King of the Hill is a great underrated little show, maybe the only show that shows compassion to the conservative thought that I can stand. But it’s purposefully low-key aesthetic is arguably a little dull for some adults and certainly too boring for children. So why plop Hank next to the Silver Surfer? Why put him in a Hearthstone-esque trading card game?Because it’s really funny! Like with The Simpsons, these days the weird internet loves making remixes mashing up Hank’s lameness and caution with unbridled meme horror. This commercial is playing that exact same game, the internet should eat this up, but it’s from the official creators years prior. We shouldn’t be surprised, though. If Idiocracy, Office Space, and more recently Silicon Valley have taught us anything, it’s that Mike Judge is a prophet.Speaking of prophecies, maybe Fox should revisit this joke and make it real. They’re already planning to reboot/revisit King of the Hill, and after two failed Fantastic Four film franchises, the studio needs to make radical moves to maintain control of these Marvel characters. Why not solve both problems and make Hank Hill Meets the Silver Surfer canon? I need to see Hank Hill go to space. That Herald of Galactus ain’t right.Join us next time as we talk more about King of the Hill, our favorite anime.King of the Hill is my favorite anime pic.twitter.com/ghw5FX7Zp9— hoi (@hoi_theguy) August 8, 2017Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img