B2C can be applied based on SNS my recommendation function

is actually a Web Alliance CPS variant, just put the main site for users, existing members accumulated by B2C spontaneous goods or website recommendation, is an army of ants, do not doubt the role of individual members, I have seen a NB member every day with N single site. B2C has a lot of recommended function, but the recommended actions have no incentive behavior, it is dry white, or to the point of what the integral flashy without substance; some self B2C alliance system can achieve this function and feedback, but also need to be approved, the query performance but also go to a special union background, more trouble while a few B2C (siopao;; BONO; Shop No. 1; 365) is a member of the account center recommendation based on feedback function, but the effect is not big, go to the forum site on the blind stick, the conversion rate is not high. So we are not able to learn SNS, so that members more convenient harassment of his friends and colleagues around it, based on the trust between acquaintances, I believe the conversion rate will be higher.

"my recommendation" system function description

: let the tens of thousands of users to actively participate, share website and product recommend to friends, more new users and sales behavior, and the user’s active recommendation behavior incentive feedback, to raise enthusiasm.

rules: user through the identification of goods have their own ID or website link address on the blog; community; website; e-mail and recommend to others, thus effectively closing the order of links from the link to ID, give feedback, feedback in the form of the account balance, as recommended by the registered ID is ray, http://s.XXX.com/ in "my recommendation? Source=ray this recommendation address, the address is sent to a IT forum, one click on the address to the website, the purchase, after 15 days of return period, not from a single cancellation phenomenon, the proportion of the site will be 1 orders of value into the recommended ray the account balance, ray in site under a single purchase of goods, can use the balance of the account balance or all payment orders.

: 1 in each commodity terminal page put a "I want to recommend" button, click this button to generate a registered member, a member of the commodity linked ID logo, copy the link member in a variety of ways to recommend.

2 members into their accounts in the center, "I recommend" has been http://s.XXX.com/? Source=ray the change member ID logo recommended home page address, copy the link with members of various methods were recommended.


rules: 1 users through the recommended address, within 24 hours of the consumer behavior is included in the recommended performance, such as: someone through http://s.XXX.com/? Source=ray>