English station automatic generation tool NiceWords English version

NiceWords English Version (www.nicewords.org) was officially released in March 4, 2008, after the English station is much easier to do.

traditional way to do English stand: 1, to find a set of foreign CMS systems, such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.. 2, with the acquisition tool to find a foreign website, pick a pass. Or simply copy and paste. 3, look for foreign forum advertising, waiting for Google included. If you have enough content, and the patience to update every day, can reach hundreds of IP and are foreigners visit, then you earn. There are more than a dozen knives a day. If you choose a good keyword, dozens of knives is also normal.

but do English stand basically ask you English is better, at least to be able to use foreign CMS system, can know what you want to copy and paste information.

NiceWords subversion of all this. You simply need to set a few key words, such as girl, beautiful, nicewords will automatically give you the contents of the grasp of the. Then automatically update the article every day. Occasionally go abroad to send a few forums on your link is enough. When a large number of Google included, there is nothing to do. Anyway, nicewords can automatically help you update the article.