Talk about the bottleneck of enterprise website promotion

we know that when a thing in the process of development, encountered a bottleneck, this time must have the idea to solve him, otherwise, you will stagnate. Website promotion bottleneck today we talk about the website to the enterprise, but also some of their own opinions in the master laughed.

promotion of thousands of ways, no matter what you are promoting methods, will encounter some problems, especially to the bottleneck. So how to judge your promotion encountered a bottleneck? Many of the judging methods, such as your promotion is no real progress in a long period of time, product order has been in a chance level, you should do some thinking.

network promotion is a long-term work, the promotion of only the process, there is no result in terms of, for your work, there is no strict quantitative standards, there is no rule of an assessment. Take the example of my operation (, our promotion is from the beginning of March, but has achieved great success, summed up, is that we continue to break through their own bottleneck.

we are very concerned about our traffic statistics, with particular attention to the quality of traffic, we prefer 1 effective high quality traffic, but also without the flow of 10 garbage. To solve your problem, we can give you a few suggestions:

(1) to promote the process of continuous summary: sum up their own harvest, to see what promotion methods are effective on their own, summed up their own outstanding experience since the promotion.

(2) to continue to promote the adjustment: can not stick to the conventional rigid to do, to try new ideas.

(3) communicate with your users every day: communicate with your customers, adjust the promotion ideas.

(4) to explore your subjective initiative to explore new ways to promote.

hope that we can get out of the bottleneck, so that their corporate Web site can be launched.