NetEase operations director told you the 5 pit operation had to avoid the product

01, what is a successful product?

is a successful product standard should be what? What the product is really down to earth? A successful product should have "three": a value, strength, yield. Value is your product can help the user’s busy, such as leisure and entertainment products, can make users happy; tool products, can improve efficiency. Have the strength is to have the core competitiveness, there is a return after the product is a reasonable financial returns.

therefore, the product "from 0 to 1" stage, to achieve the value, there are barriers and a healthy business model, is a success.

the three most successful elements of an initial product are: team, resources and strategic defense.

if you are in the Internet industry, you will find the evolution of the Internet team functions. For example, you will find that people in the product sector will not only do user research, product planning, product operations, and sometimes even marketing and customer service. The product operation is divided into user operations, data operations, operations, event operations, operations, website promotion category.

in the process of creating a product, operations, products, technical staff often Tucao each other, this is a team of normal ecology. "There is a reasonable", the existence of all the slot points are valuable; ass decision head, each person’s different functions, consider the point of view of the problem will not be the same. Therefore, we should learn to respect other people’s professionalism and respect for other people’s ideas.

when you don’t understand each other, you need to communicate and solve problems. Can Tucao each other, or even tearing force, but in the end must produce a result.

The goal of

operations is very clear: to bring more sales leads to achieve the established and quantified sales target.

operators will interact with the external user, partner interaction. Operators do not label the user, operators will be more specific to deal with people. What is needed is a kind of emotional communication between people.

02, the method of building products down to earth on

1, redefining the product and operation model

in product promotion and the early period of operation, played the role of product manager, need to take the initiative to the whole team taught that in the process of operation, the user feedback is what to do? What improvement, can make our products better? And then complete the company’s business planning and ecological type operation.

, that is to say, the data access to the operation, can promote the product function iteration or product version iteration, the business architecture is likely to deeply affect the company or team. It is a very big leap in thinking to change from a manager to a manager.

2, what is strategy?

first, the need for adequate user capacity;