Li Wang 28 public training to promote the first phase of the task summary

on 2010, I happened to see a green hand 28, saw 28 public training, by adding 28 to push the training of a group, occasionally assigned to the CHINA Internet gangster’s micro-blog check, check for a period of four weeks, the simple point that is a month for three weeks, had to check on the user, because a variety of reasons, the time is shortened to two weeks, found that users classification when checking user


group: listen to each other the most active but often listen to each other hanging in micro-blog’s comrades, such people are alive and kicking


like family: the simple point that is not head of the user, such people are just to the new continent, for new, unfamiliar, some are not satisfied with the new, the comrades have left, do not take a cloud, only one frame type footprints! < /p>

: but the grass-roots owners such people get, which is the best user preferences, published quotations, signs, jokes, Encyclopedia of language activity is high, and its research value


advertising group: such people is advertising group, such as the name implies, most people love to send advertising, occasionally encountered supervisor time on the toilet can send a small advertising, if advertising on a whim, a supervisor, in place after being found to limit the entry of


enterprise group: such people are old, encounter new things, go into play fast, the strength is


Entertainment Group: this kind of crowd activity is not high, but with a unique charm, can attract more people to step into the new world, is to open up the user’s sharp weapon!

media group: this group of people is a hot topic for the majority of users to provide a topic of discussion, is to enhance the activity of the essential crowd!

The end user

two weeks after the inspection, close to inspect a week, this is the second time into the examination, did not mind, according to their own ideas and look again, quotations, sign, knowledge, joke quality surprisingly high, see inside the hall daily broadcast mostly so classic! The quality inspection, not in accordance with the efficient channel check, but according to their own ideas, finally found their own ideas, small can only be regarded as a small idea, if little of their own ideas and efficient channels for inspection, will be amazing ~~~


well, on a whim, just above this text. It is the rise of


the first phase of the task have come to an end, feeling a lot, in this work, not only to understand the Tencent micro-blog, but also exercise their executive power, expand their network, increase their actual combat experience, has ended tasks for micro-blog research also will continue to be, I will study micro-blog marketing etc. in terms of content, a careful study of some industry micro-blog’s mode of operation, on the micro-blog platform is Tencent micro-blog, I have a sense of love for the Tencent micro-blog, as is.