Analysis on how traditional enterprises can integrate with marketing

today’s society, along with the rapid development of the Internet, network marketing is not new things, but has become a number of enterprises to promote sales, strength can not be ignored. The Internet is a double-edged sword, to the traditional enterprise, the network not only brought them ample opportunities, but also brought hitherto unknown competition. In this network as air everywhere, the era of traditional market competition with the new industry has long been four smoke, how to use the Internet for the development of traditional business competition is an essential code of survival. In such a dire situation, traditional enterprises should have enough sense of crisis, to clear meaning of network marketing, the development of enterprises to develop their own marketing strategy, at the same time, enterprises must implement all powerful. Only in this way, the traditional enterprise can develop in the future and take precautions, can do well in the future challenges.

thought the importance of network marketing. Today, at the head of each big enterprise can realize the importance of network marketing for enterprise development. But to say doing, the specific operation is often unsatisfactory. A lot of enterprises after spending huge financial resources often have little effect, why? I think, first, enterprises must know their goal before the operation to carry out network marketing, only aim at the target, to hit the bull’s-eye, as loofah water when carry out the marketing website, will be based on a sales information a major premise, do useful work. Second, to establish a timely and effective evaluation mechanism and a reasonable and fair supervision system, to evaluate the effect of each stage of the network marketing. Third, to realize the network marketing development and brand effect, not only to the level of sales on the marketing team’s successes and failures. Only do these three points, will be able to understand the importance of network marketing, network marketing as an integral part of the development of enterprises.

establish a timely and effective promotion mechanism. For many traditional enterprises, it is necessary to grasp every aspect of the marketing process in the hands of enterprises to establish their own promotion mechanism. At this level, not simply for outsourcing, money, do a free dispensers, but should set up their own "promotion mechanism, be dependent on others, marketing things or the best understanding of their own, must have own core employees, hands-on in the promotion process in the network, the accumulation of fresh blood for the sustainable development of the future. At the same time, a comprehensive comparison from the personnel, information, resources, data, website marketing and many other indicators, will their own network marketing plan further subdivided, the responsibility to the people, and a clear focus and a fine point of each step, some key data in a prominent position, so that employees can complete the index more easily. Supervision. Let the staff of the marketing process focus clearly in mind, which makes the marketing mechanism of enterprises to achieve a certain degree of change, make the enterprise brand promotion in the process of continuous growth.

reduce employee turnover rate, cultivate loyalty. This does not seem to take the edge of network marketing, its >