Hand taught you to optimize the release of the news soft

network news marketing can get this direct effect:

in Google search clearly appear in the first page of Huawei’s 4 partial news. The text is equivalent to the site to do optimization.

first, let customers have the opportunity to directly on the relevant website to see the product image of the enterprise report;

two, all of the major web site published on the company’s reports in accordance with the original web site in the form of a collection of links on the enterprise website for customers to read, so that the rapid emergence of trust;

three, when customers still have doubts in browsing the business website, keywords business personnel can remind him by Baidu and other search engines to search the corporate name or product, then in a page or a few pages, continuous display of all news reports released on major websites. Customers see so many online media coverage of the business, then he must be sure that: this enterprise is a trustworthy enterprise.

four, network news marketing has the characteristics of the two transmission. The so-called "two times", is a web site after the first release, other local and professional website will reprint this news. This is a common occurrence. However, we can not see such a situation: an ad designed for good, was reproduced by other media.

analysis of a news marketing brings to the enterprise effect: clear Huawei directly click on the brand value of the search results page number of the Sohu news 4 channel access brand Baidu 3 article save 6000 TOM 2 Google 5 post visit enhanced the influence to save 10000 china.com 1 search to increase access to customer trust YAHOO 2 to save 3000 to 1 ifeng.com link to establish a corporate image for Sina 2         save 2000 Tencent.com issued 1 news Sohu 2 depth by saving 2000 21CN 1 news link to the website in search of 2 save 2000 chinanews.com 1 pieces of news link to the ad page reprint 10 save 500010 of a total of 15 thousand yuan to take the initiative to reprint news more online promotion expenses saving a total of 30000 yuan