face and shameless brand promotion soft, how to write


July 8th, WeChat Lou loose public platform to do a free to the public in question between the 14 point -17, according to Lu Songsong in a public number push the "Original: last week, WeChat answers those things" mentioned, this time a few hours of public Q & a process, Lu Songsong pick up 300 people. Reply 1000.


small as Lu Songsong WeChat subscription number of loyal fans, on the same day to participate in this charity quiz, Geti to loose a brand press release writing soft Wen, also got loose brother answers. In line with the original intention of sharing, I put the answer to understand and expand the loose brother. I hope this article can make the same as I am writing for the brand of soft Wen and distressed colleagues get some inspiration.

company does not have too many practical cases, brand promotion soft Wen how to write?

we all know, brother is writing the soft pine master, for ordinary people Mcmore small, to master the chance to ask is rarely, and very precious. Therefore, with full of expectations, Mcmore small series is also in the background of the public road, the number of WeChat has been raised for a long time to solve the problem:

, the company does not have too many practical cases can be used to do the article, from the point of view of what kind of novel can be written to publicize the effect of a good brand soft Wen?

to a few minutes before the end of the campaign, Xiao Bian received from the brother of the answer, a total of 3 messages:



" is shameless? "

"shameless, is to provide some customers interested in content. You like what you like, but you need to continue to observe."

"shameless, is to find your industry benchmark brand, just do one thing, I (XX) and he (XX benchmark brand) compared to the story."

brother song words like filled with wisdom, let small benefit. In order to let the people see a better understanding of the two kinds of soft writing angle, small next will use examples to illustrate the shameless shameless and soft writing angle like a surgeon.


1, "how to write

soft Wen brand

as pine brother said, "soft Wen is starting from the user, what is the understanding of the content of interest to the user, what you write. This is also the characteristics of the mobile Internet era, more emphasis on user experience. For example, the small company where the company’s Mcmore distribution system is a third party micro distribution development platform, the main users are those who want to open the mall business. For them, do WeChat distributor >