Does your SEO really benefit the customer

never simply for the sake of SEO and SEO, before and after the site optimization must take into account what really brought to the customer!

sunny with SEO colleagues, optimize their level is really good, the optimization of the website ranking also really have the effect, are really very is ranked first, but I recently found a new problem, the "traffic rank effect" of the site in 80% and is not satisfactory, some even the zero click, as can be imagined, even if this site optimization to the first page, even ranked first, what is the significance? Here don’t know whether you have the same feeling as seoer.

sunny often received such a call said: "you give me the website of a keyword optimization to the top 5 how much money?", whenever this time sunny will be Speechless, even so sunny can also be used to give an exact price, after a meal, signed the contract, then we began to optimize work busy. In the process, I believe we already are familiar with, oh, here I also want a little review, now sunny said that as corporate customers this approach is for his extremely irresponsible behavior, because he often does not account for the keywords can bring tangible benefits to him no, this is really the key to consider their own value, only the feeling of their own to think of the word "in our industry is really hot" like you to optimize some of their industry is very professional, as friends they don’t know what those words mean, so the website optimization is basic is invalid.

also is very important, it is as a good site optimization personnel and is not merely the site optimization to customer requirements of the position, but also in the process of optimization for the customer site, for customers to through the website propaganda, set up the customer in the network brand image.

here sunny to enterprise customers, do optimization must stand on marketing products or corporate image height to look at, do not focus only in the search engine rankings, we must remember that SEO is only used to service network marketing, network marketing is because SEO is not all.

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