Huang Zhiping talk about the difference between network marketing ideas and methods

yesterday just learning a push ( the first lesson, the sixth Network Marketing Institute gain a lot, in order to carry out the work, but also to exercise their own learning ability of writing, the spirit of sharing is a great joy in the life principle, I wrote the first article on the network marketing and promotion of the article: Huang Zhiping: network marketing focus is not the same ideas, methods, the students and monitor saw that the idea is good, but after reading it or what all understand, do not understand, is not enough, perhaps the original intention is good, want to talk a little more difference between the two, the effect will be counterproductive, all there is no clear, so this article, I will give an example to illustrate the difference between the two. ".

network marketing learning is a way of thinking, not a method.


method is simple, infinite, to achieve a similar marketing purposes, different people have different implementation methods, so the method can change, that is not the end of learning; and thinking, is the one for marketing purposes, one can through all your marketing the main method of


we give an example to illustrate my point: there is one person (we’ll assume the name of Zhang San), he went to work in the medical type company, now the boss asked him to go out of this will promote their own medical website, but Zhang San is not the network promotion, so as to Internet related promotion type to ask questions, find the master exchange learning methods, he asked me this type of medical website how to promote ah, then everyone told Zhang San a lot about medical website promotion methods, Zhang San is also very hard, learn, but also to perform, ah, the effect is good, the boss is very but the trouble is satisfied; come, because the wrong things for the boss fired; he went to a photography website promotion department to engage in types of work, the three have to worry about, How to do it, he did not learn photography type of network marketing website ah, worried to death; then, again according to the comprehensive method for the first time, to ask the people, how to promote the type of photography website, through the study of three and learn Oh; but it was not long before jumping nest, this time they encounter new issues, to do the promotion of flash games, and not… Again, this is the so-called methodology, is not desirable;

we should from numerous methods, summed up the case of one of their own promotion ideas, no matter what type of promotion of such products can be thought to focus on smoothly done or easily solved, so learning network marketing method, only the implementation of a skill idea, a means; do not know is not more than a this website is good, welcome exchanges and progress together.

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